Underground Duct Banks are pre-fabricated concrete beams with Telecommunication Piping. The product can be modified to fit the amount of pipes needed and the required pipe diameter. The Duct Banks are made to meet PRTC and JRTPR standards. The straight Beams are 20ft. in length and the bends and Splice Box connection are 10 ft. in length.


Once the excavation is done the installation can begin immediately. The pipes and the rebar in the Beams connect easily with each other. After the beam is installed they move on to the next while grout in being injected at the beam connection. Once the grout is injected the backfill and compaction process can begin.


  • Because of the structural integrity of the beams contractors can begin the backfill and compaction process without having to wait for concrete to gain strength, this is ideal for street installations were car traffic is essential.
  • Adaptable to the amount of pipes and sizes required in specifications.
  • Excavation will be open for small amounts of time.
  • Fast Installation