Our new pre-stressed octagonal poles meet the requirements of strength, appearance, and ease of maintenance. The poles are thoroughly tested and engineered. Each type of pole was developed for specific application and must pass extensive testing before being released for production. A complete line of brackets, clamps and other attachments has been developed in order to make a complete installation available.

Octagonal Lighting Pole
Octagonal Concrete Poles are designed for setting directly into the ground without the use of precast foundations. A hole is dug by an earth auger, shovel and spoon. The depth depends on the nature of the anticipated load. Lighting poles are useful for residential and commercial areas.

The 33ft. PREPA standard pole is for arm mounted luminaries. Other configurations to meet your specifications and requirements for mounting attachments can be made available. Any desired arrangements can be provided for TV cameras, loud-speakers, and others.


Otagonal Lighting Pole - Available options