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Quality, durability, strength and cost efficient products.

Power Precast Products, Corp. Since 1966


Electric & Telecommunications Structures


Sanitary & Storm Structures




Highest quality






Competent installation available


Cost efficient


Thoroughly tested


Expert assessment by experienced personnel

Products supplied are approved by the Puerto Rico Power Authority, the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, the Puerto Rico Highway Authority, “Junta Reglamentadora de Telecomunicaciones” and Aqueduct and Sewer Authority.

We are a company whose performance speaks for itself.

We are committed to offering the most trustworthy products. We are a company whose performance speaks for itself. Our products meet the highest standards in the market. We offer essential products for infrastructure, safety and quality of life.

Our products are developed to meet today’s demand for reliability’s quality and service life. Power Precast Products, Corp., recognizes and meets the need of the public and private contractors developers and government agencies that we serve through PR and the Caribbean.

Quality, durability, strength, and cost-efficient products from a customer-oriented company with an impressive example of the best pre-cast products you can get. Our goal is based on only one thing: total customer satisfaction.

Power Precast Products, Corp., has a complete line of products carefully designed to satisfy infrastructure requirements.  Since 1966 we have been setting a concrete path to progress for all.

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Power Precast Products

Our manufacturing facilities offer a complete line of precast concrete products to serve through PR and the Caribbean. Our products are manufactured under strict supervision and controlled environment, this guarantees high-quality products. You can quickly review a listing of our products and services available. Please contact our representative to discuss options.

1.    Electric Pull Box
2.    Electric Manhole
3.    Poles
4.    P.R.E.P.A. Self-Support Base H6, H8 & H10 (Pole Foundation)
5.    Lighting Base
6.    High Mast and Traffic Signal Base
7.    Hand Hole
8.    Meter Tower
9.    Duct Bank
10.  Pad Mounted and Switching Units

Electrical Products

1.    Storm Manholes
2.    Catch Basin
3.    Headwalls
4.    Reinforced Concrete Pipes 
5.    Reinforced Concrete Half Pipes
6.    Box Culverts

Drainage Products

1.    J.R.T.P.R Pull Box
2.    J.R.T.P.R. Manhole
3.    P.R.T.C. Poles
4.    Duct Bank


1.    Single & Double Crypts



1.    Traffic Signal Pull Box and Hand Holes
2.    Traffic Signal Controller Base Pad
3.    Battery Backup base pad
4.    Reinforced Concrete Pipe
5.    Traffic Signal Pole Base
6.    Slotted Drain Pipe
7.    Storm Drain Channel

PR Transportation and Highway Products

1.    Sanitary Manholes
2.    Septic Tanks
3.    Precast Pump Station Structures

Sanitary Sewer Products

1.    Pull Box
2.    Manhole

Cable TV

1.    Grease Trap